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The best personal styling session for just about everybody.

Do you want to love your wardrobe and know exactly what to wear for any given occasion?

Changed careers and your wardrobe needs a reboot?

Has your body changed and you want to find new styles that suit you better? Highlighting what you love, and hiding what you don’t.

Do you want to dress with confidence and elevate your personal style easily?

Want to learn new ways to shop more consciously? Buying only what you need, saving time and money?

Do you want to discover new ways to navigate on-line shopping, giving you confidence in choosing pieces you’ll actually wear?

Do you want a go-to trusted advisor curating key pieces just for you?

If this sounds like you. Let’s get styling.

Style is always in fashion

Sydney stylist Samantha Theron

My personal styling sessions are about building your style confidence, and having you feel and look great. I have the ability to see you in a way you may never have envisioned yourself.  I become a trusted advisor for all my clients because I get straight to the chase and give honest, professional advice.  And I make sure we have fun doing it!  

Samantha Theron, Creative Director & Stylist 

Ultimate style makeover.

Real women.  Real bodies.  Real style.

Wardrobe edit plus a curated shopping trip with your stylist.

Please note, this personal styling service is delivered in-person for clients in Sydney.  For clients outside of Sydney you may be interested in the virtual styling sessions.  
For Men & Women
This ultimate personal styling experience is designed to 
  • edit and de-clutter 
  • define your style
  • elevate your look
  • equip you with skills

Discover insider style secrets from a professional and learn new ways to mix and match 

Learn skills and insights you can implement immediately to make your wardrobe easy to navigate.  Your stylist will edit and de-clutter your wardrobe, making it easy for you to find the right things to wear. 
Your stylist will show you how to elevate your current wardrobe by simply re-thinking how to mix and match items you already have.   
You get access to professional styling tips to help you stay on track and buy only what you need 
Don’t waste money and time buying things you don’t need.  No more finding long lost items in your wardrobe … with the tags still on!
Your stylist will guide you on what’s missing from your wardrobe, elevate your look, and help you step out with confidence.
Avoid the mistake buys!  (We’ve all been there!)
Samantha will teach you how to find those key pieces that are the basis of any great wardrobe – the capsule collection.  These are the staples designed to last season after season.  We also take an in-depth look at accessories and how these can elevate an outfit in one simple move.
Got the staples covered? 
Samantha will help you find the best statement pieces to complement what you already have and elevate your look.  

What you get

  • In-person styling session with your stylist to pin-point key areas of focus
  • Easy guidance on how to de-clutter and edit  
  • Helpful tips on what to re-cycle and what to keep
  • Learn how to organise your wardrobe to make it a pleasure to dress 
  • Discover new ways to mix and match, making the most out of your wardrobe
  • Direct access to your stylist to answer any of your on-going questions so you never feel alone in the process
  • A guided shopping experience with your personal stylist
  • A curated style guide ‘wish list’ sent direct to you with 5 key looks to shop 


Yes, I'd love to find out more. Book a call via email here.About Stylist Samantha Theron

I did Sam's ultimate style makeover and it's the best investment in time, style and self confidence you can do for yourself. Sam is a genius and a styling ninja - she found gorgeous clothes that I never would have considered if I'd been muddling along by myself. In future I'm always going shopping with my fashion fairy godmother.

Anni Buchner

Sam Theron is gifted. And what makes her different is her ability to elevate an outfit with ONE smart choice. Everyday, and I mean everyday, I have people comment on how much they love my glasses: chosen by Sam. And on days that I'm wearing something she has selected and recommended - people comment. If you are reading this, look no further as you have found THE right person to work with to re-invigorate your style.

Colleen Kavanagh

I'm wondering why I never had a personal stylist sooner! Seriously, Sam has commendable talent, understood what I needed straight away and delivered beyond my expectations. Thanks for an amazing, and on-going style advice experience!

Karen Eck


Bespoke personal styling services tailor made for you

Packages start at $295

Do you need a one-off personal styling session to set you up with a stunning outfit for a special event?  Top to toe, or just the dress?  Maybe you have the dress but need statement shoes to elevate the look.
Do you need a killer suit but want one that’s adaptable for lots of occasions?
Want to get your personal style sorted so you can go on that date with confidence and live your best life?
Do you want personal styling advice on the best items to buy and pack for a weekend away somewhere special?
Do you have a book launch or speaking engagement coming up that you need to be camera ready for?
Do you want introductions to incredible designers and a professional stylist to guide you through preparing for your special Wedding day? Champagne and caviar deluxe experiences to remember!
Are you Mother of the Bride and need a fabulous outfit?
These specially designed personal styling services are created to fit in with-in your specific needs.  
It’s easy 
Drop me an email to book in for a personal styling discovery call, let’s discuss what you need, and I will tailor make a session just for you.
Get in touch and let's get styling